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Voicemail – a fading medium?

It’s come to the point where unless I don’t know the number, I’ll usually just automatically delete all of my voicemails. I mean usually the typical voicemail goes something like “Hey. It’s about [insert time here] right now. Just wanted … Continue reading

25. April 2014 by admin
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Anti-Nuclear Power

Ahhh. Hippies and activist youth getting involved in the future of energy policy, throwing out their half baked ideas, and crying about the dangers of nuclear power. They propose dismantling all nuclear reactors in favor of “renewable energy” sources such … Continue reading

13. March 2014 by admin
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Apple Computers – genius marketers

I’ll never understand buying an Apple product when I can buy a competitor for a third the price.  Nor do I understand when there’s less expandability, fewer compatible programs, more expensive peripherals, and a fan base that makes you ashamed … Continue reading

13. September 2013 by admin
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