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American Flag Lapel Pins – political bullshit

As far as I can gather, if you want to be a politician today you need three main things: public speaking skills, lots of money, and an American Flag lapel pin. Somewhere along the line, the American Flag lapel pin … Continue reading

27. September 2013 by admin
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High Heels – objectification of women

I will never understand something that makes the wearer look clownish as they try not to fall over because they are walking on mini stilts.  The fact that high heals are “shoes,” a category of fashion whose primary reason for … Continue reading

18. September 2013 by admin
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Burqas & Niqabs – the Jawas among us

I don’t get it. Women who spend their entire public lives looking like Jawas. This is something that goes far beyond my understanding of other cultural differences. Burqas and Niqabs occupy an entirely different spot. For all I know there aren’t even … Continue reading

12. September 2013 by admin
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