Marriage – the legal, economic and romantic relationship

I Don't Understand MarriageMarriage made more sense up until around 200 years ago when it started to be used for something it never was intended.  Before 200 years ago marriage was most often arranged by family members. It was used for procreation and as a sort of economic partnership.  Love wasn’t entangled with the marriage at this point.  Signing a legal contract made sense at this time.

Since marriage was nothing more than a contract, divorce prior to the rise of the Catholic Church in medieval Europe was relatively easy.   However, as the church became more involved in governing matters both politically and in peoples’ personal lives, the phrase “till death do us part” Continue Reading →

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Apple Computers – genius marketers

I Don't Understand AppleI’ll never understand buying an Apple product when I can buy a competitor for a third the price.  Nor do I understand when there’s less expandability, fewer compatible programs, more expensive peripherals, and a fan base that makes you ashamed of being a Mac user. Obviously, this is an oversimplification but speaks to some underlying reasons why Apple has become the world’s most successful company of all time having a market capitalization of over $500 billion.

Since they are the most successful company of all time, they have to be doing something right.  Apple products are known for being reliable.  Their software Continue Reading →

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Dyed Blonde Hair – holding onto youth

I Don't Understand Dyed Blonde HairDumb Blondes” is an often expressed stereotype. Whether you believe in stereotypes or not – I do generally – blonde hair really is often the best indicator as to a woman’s personality and depth of character. These are women who are not happy with themselves if at the very least in respect to their natural hair color. They have succumbed to the idea that in order to be pretty they have to look like everyone else. Roughly 50% of women in the US dye their hair and of these women slightly more than 50% of these women chose blonde even though around 2% of women actually have blonde hair.

Around 20% of girls are born with blonde hair which usually begins to darken after puberty. Because blonde hair is so much more prevalent among younger people, it is generally associated with youth. This undoubtedly has contributed to the popularity of dyed blonde hair. The media is also largely to blame Continue Reading →

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Wine – the pretentiousness of getting drunk

I Don't Understand Wine

This is one of those things that pretentious pricks, alcoholic housewives, and closeted drunks will always love. In the world of alcohol, wine stands alone at the top in the corners of peoples’ minds.

It was the drink of the Gods in Greek and Roman mythology – they even had a god devoted solely to wine (Dionysus and Bacchus respectively). For the Christians, it was their Lord’s god damn blood encouraging devotees for the next 2000 years to drink it which is just a little perverted to me. No other drink is associated with such an aura of sophistication and cultural significance. The other alcoholic drinks don’t even come close – beer is the common man’s drink, hard alcohol is for old men, writers and drunks, champagne for gays and celebrations, malt liquor for blacks, and mixed drinks and wine coolers for women and gays.

Wine also falls into the general category Continue Reading →

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Diet Coke vs. Coke Zero – comforting the male ego

I Don't Understand Diet Coke vs. Coke ZeroI’ve essentially haven’t had any sort of soft drink for the past 10+ years besides Diet Coke which I consume often.  I’ve also on occasion gotten Coke Zero which like Diet Coke has zero calories and tastes the exact same to me.

I never understood what the difference was between the two. So what is the difference?  Here are the ingredients of each below:

Diet Coke
Carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium benzonate, natural flavors, citric acid, caffeine.

Coke Zero
Carbonated water, caramel color, phosphoric acid, aspartame, potassium benzonate, natural flavors, potassium citrate, acesulfame potassium, caffeine.

Apparently, there are only slightly different Continue Reading →

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Ties – conformity noose

I Don't Understand TiesOkay, I have an idea. Take a long piece of fabric and tie it firmly around your neck. Make it just loose enough where you can still breathe and swallow but not any looser. It’s like a noose though your death isn’t instant but a slow one that takes place over 40 years. Now, that it’s in place, this fabric doesn’t provide any functional benefit to its wearer – no protection from the elements nor protection from any projectiles or falls, and it certainly doesn’t provide any cover for ones genitalia unless of course you’re a midget. All that it is is a piece of fabric wrapped proudly around ones neck like the tail feathers on a peacock.

The modern necktie originated from the Cravat which were neckerchiefs worn by Croatian mercenaries during the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648). These neckerchiefs caught the interest of the French who have never been particularly known for their masculinity.  They adopted these neckties in non-military fashion to parade around in as only the French would do. Over the next Continue Reading →

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Burqas & Niqabs – the Jawas among us

Burqas & NiqabsI don’t get it. Women who spend their entire public lives looking like Jawas. This is something that goes far beyond my understanding of other cultural differences. Burqas and Niqabs occupy an entirely different spot. For all I know there aren’t even people underneath but rather aliens. Those who don the black robes are that bizarre to me. The only proof that I have that they aren’t actually aliens is the ever so tiny amount of skin exposed around their eye slit or holes.

My favorite part about them is that they are a somewhat indirect result of one person’s musings 1500 years ago. In the Quran, there are a handful of passages that talk about how a woman should maintain modesty in appearance. Continue Reading →

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Free Will – an illusion of the mind

Free WillThis is one where no matter how cogent and complete your argument, people will still believe in “Free Will”. You can talk until your face is blue and you’re lying on the ground for lack of breath or type until your fingers are just bloodied nubs and it still won’t matter. Free will is too wrapped up in ones own existence making it impossible to successfully argue against to the vast majority of people. The very notion that there is no such thing as free will creates huge moral and political issues since these ideas revolve around freedom of choice.

To try to argue against free will it might help to examine an extremely brief history of it and it’s relation to its opposite, fate. People have always struggled with their existence and have tried to explain why things are the way they are. Continue Reading →

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eReaders – their archaic detractors

eReaders... their archaic detractorsEreaders are awesome! I’m tired of people talking about paper books with nostalgia. I can’t stand when they talk about the texture of the cover or turning the musty smelling pages. They can’t seem to get off of reminiscing about walking through aisle after aisle of books in some old library waiting for the next book to jump out at them. “Oh god,” they say, “don’t take away one of the final remaining forms of entertainment that doesn’t require electricity. The kids today are becoming less and less literate and only know how to talk in acronyms and then again only in 180 characters.” What unevolved dolts these people are!!

The thing none of these dinosaurs ever mention is that the information contained within a paper book is exactly the same as an eBook. It’s this information that is the sole reason for the existence of books in the first place. As with so many things the means to accomplishing an ultimate end has changed but not the end itself. Humankind forever progresses.

Paper books may hold a certain nostalgia Continue Reading →

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McDonald’s – their consistent taste

McDonald'sMcDonald’s never ceases to amaze me.  No matter where in the country or the world you are their food tastes the same. I mean McDonald’s is big – HUGE. They operate in 119 countries, have over 34,000 “restaurants” (using that term loosely), and serve roughly 65 million customers a day. That’s not really a company but more like a small country. It’s absolutely incredible that they maintain the same quintessential McDonald’s taste – whether you like it or not.

McDonald’s consistency seems to stem from three main things. Continue Reading →

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