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McDonald'sMcDonald’s never ceases to amaze me.  No matter where in the country or the world you are their food tastes the same. I mean McDonald’s is big – HUGE. They operate in 119 countries, have over 34,000 “restaurants” (using that term loosely), and serve roughly 65 million customers a day. That’s not really a company but more like a small country. It’s absolutely incredible that they maintain the same quintessential McDonald’s taste – whether you like it or not.

McDonald’s consistency seems to stem from three main things. First, despite what you may naturally think, McDonald’s doesn’t have just one supplier for their various ingredients. That would have to be one insanely gigantic supplier. The transportation network especially internationally for such a system would be massive and very expensive. So despite having multiple suppliers, they all work toward stringent guidelines set forth by McDonald’s in terms of their foods’ sizes and ingredients.

Secondly, even though they are using ingredients from many different suppliers, the taste is kept relatively consistent through use of “natural or artificial flavors” that have been created in a lab. The use of these flavor additives is a huge influence on keeping the taste consistent so that when you eat a Big Mac and French Fries in Los Angeles it tastes the same as a Big Mac and French Fries in Bangkok.

Lastly, operating like a food assembly line, McDonald’s has cooking machines in their restaurants that essentially allow chimps to operate and produce the same food every time using the same chemically flavored and same sized patties and fries everywhere in the world.

Love or hate McDonald’s, it is an absolutely amazing company. In order to achieve such success a company, food related or otherwise, has to protect their brand by providing a consistent product. Regardless of whatever is happening in ones world, they know that they can always go to McDonald’s for the same familiar tasting food. The fact that a “restaurant” with over 34,000 locations is able to do that is incredible. It may not always be the best food nor the worst, may not be the best for you (don’t need to make a bullshit 1 ½ hour long documentary to find that out either), but it is always the most consistent.

Understandability Rating – 8

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