Dyed Blonde Hair – holding onto youth

I Don't Understand Dyed Blonde HairDumb Blondes” is an often expressed stereotype. Whether you believe in stereotypes or not – I do generally – blonde hair really is often the best indicator as to a woman’s personality and depth of character. These are women who are not happy with themselves if at the very least in respect to their natural hair color. They have succumbed to the idea that in order to be pretty they have to look like everyone else. Roughly 50% of women in the US dye their hair and of these women slightly more than 50% of these women chose blonde even though around 2% of women actually have blonde hair.

Around 20% of girls are born with blonde hair which usually begins to darken after puberty. Because blonde hair is so much more prevalent among younger people, it is generally associated with youth. This undoubtedly has contributed to the popularity of dyed blonde hair. The media is also largely to blame for blonde hair. There are countless actresses, news casters, TV personalities, singers, and models that are constantly thrown up before our eyes becoming society’s standard of beauty.

It is safe to say that because blonde hair is associated with youth and beauty, dyed blonde hair at its very heart is shallow. These two qualities are given and not earned – all you have to do is just exist. They are also two things that always fade.

The major problem I have with blonde hair is that one should appreciate who they are both inside and out. Dyed blonde hair is a good indicator that the girl will have a shallow and just plain disgusting personality. I’d rather listen to an entire Barbara Streisand album than listen to one of these useless automatons squawk on and on about the Bachelorette or the popular new diet or exercise fad they’re now doing. When a group of them get together they create more noise pollution than an airport. They gab on about the most vacuous things of pop culture or gossip about guys or that two-faced bitch at work. Their opinions about anything that matter usually is just recycled from whatever they just heard since they are unable to put an original thought together.

Now, I will grant that not all blondes are vacuous entities that are as predictable as the latest James Bond movie. There are some really smart ones that just prefer having blonde hair and think it goes better with their complexion than their natural hair color. Some women really do just look better with blonde hair.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking – this guy can’t get any from blondes.  You’re god damn right I can’t.  I can’t even tell you the number of blondes that have rejected my unsolicited attempts to talk to them. These attempts of mine are always a result of a few or a lot of beers mixed with their often slim well toned bodies not because I’m actually interested in what they have to say. Yes, I admit it – I’m shallow too. On the occasion that I have slipped past the stuck up field surrounding them created by their designer clothes, thick layers of makeup, phones out ready to send their next all important text, and the high pitch shrill laughter from their gossip, I usually just stand there trying in some way to relate to them until it becomes painfully obvious that I’ve got nothing and then slink away.

It isn’t even necessarily about blonde hair in and of itself. There are few things more attractive than a woman who is fine with themselves and actually have an intelligent opinion of their own. For me, most blondes are not these women.

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