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Anti-Nuclear Power

Ahhh. Hippies and activist youth getting involved in the future of energy policy, throwing out their half baked ideas, and crying about the dangers of nuclear power. They propose dismantling all nuclear reactors in favor of “renewable energy” sources such … Continue reading

13. March 2014 by admin
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American Flag Lapel Pins – political bullshit

As far as I can gather, if you want to be a politician today you need three main things: public speaking skills, lots of money, and an American Flag lapel pin. Somewhere along the line, the American Flag lapel pin … Continue reading

27. September 2013 by admin
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Affirmative Action – applying for a job? what color are you?

Taken strictly at face value this is a racist and sexist policy since it declares that an opening in a university or company must go to the minority applicant when the applicants are equally qualified. No other factors are taken … Continue reading

19. September 2013 by admin
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