Most sites on the internet exist to tell others what they know about the world.  Not this one.  This site doesn’t proclaim to understand the myriad of things in the world – but rather to explain why I am completely baffled by them.  My confusion is quadrupled for all things surrounding people and their curious customs and habits.

Let’s face it – no matter how far people have advanced, the relics of our past and chinks in the chain of our own humanity continue to create absurdity.  Take for instance why a chimp wearing a tie around its neck is funny while around a grown man’s neck, refined and classy.  Or why women wearing high heel shoes is sexy even though they essentially physically handicap them.

With the questions numerous and answers few, I have set out to try to understand (and provide therapy to myself at the same time) the reasons behind the existences of many common human practices that confuse, irritate, or that I simply don’t understand.  For each topic, I have tried to give an “unbiased” rating for ultimately how understandable each is to me.  I take various factors into account such as origins, history, and current societal function in human life.

Obviously, this blog can’t help but be highly opinionated, and if you’re one of those easily offended people this site probably is not for you though one day you’ll probably become a topic on here because I don’t understand you.

For the rest of you, I hope that you find the site at the very least interesting.  Enjoy!