Voicemail – a fading medium?

I Don't Understand VoicemailIt’s come to the point where unless I don’t know the number, I’ll usually just automatically delete all of my voicemails. I mean usually the typical voicemail goes something like “Hey. It’s about [insert time here] right now. Just wanted to give you a call to see how things are going. Talk to you soon. Bye.” This is just redundant to the logged missed call on my phone. But now, that they left their message; I have to go into my voicemail and delete it. Granted this process doesn’t take that long, no longer than a minute, but it’s still just another thing to do.

Now, I’m not saying that all voicemail is irrelevant. If you miss a call from a number you don’t know, is business

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25. April 2014 by admin
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Anti-Nuclear Power

I Don't Understand Anti-Nuclear PowerAhhh. Hippies and activist youth getting involved in the future of energy policy, throwing out their half baked ideas, and crying about the dangers of nuclear power. They propose dismantling all nuclear reactors in favor of “renewable energy” sources such as wind and solar without ever recognizing the real world problems that exist that make such ideas laughable.

Poking their heads out of their permanent haze and speaking above their normal mumblings about “the Corporations” they espouse a series of non-facts that have been passed around their drum circles so long that they have become fact to them. Continue Reading →

13. March 2014 by admin
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Tiny Coffee – other countries’ 2 oz coffees

I Don't Understand Tiny CoffeeFirst off, let me say that I love coffee. On most days, I have a large mug. So this is not about my understanding coffee. I get it. For its taste, health benefits, and physiological effects. These are the reasons why I love coffee and drink it.

However, I will always be absolutely dumbfounded by the tiny toy tea cup sized that you receive coffee and tea in outside of the US. These glasses are essentially shot glasses except they don’t get you buzzed. Not only do they give you a paltry amount of coffee they also further lessen the amount of coffee by adding lots of milk and sugar. The first time I was served coffee outside of the US, I thought WTF! Continue Reading →

10. October 2013 by admin
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Purell – the overuse of hand sanitizers

I Don't Understand PurellI’m so tired of our paranoid “Purell” society. What ever happened to rugged American individualism? We fear everything now including things that just 50 years ago people didn’t even think about.

Purell is the epitome of what American society has gradually been becoming. A bunch of pussies manipulated into believing that everything and everyone is out to get us so that other peoples’ agendas get accomplished.

Before Purell, washing your hands was considered sufficient.  But then Purell comes out and everyone now believes they have to use it or they might get sick.  Many are now at the point where they carry it around and use it after touching anything outside of their homes for fear of germs. Grocery stores now even have wet anti-bacterial wipes so people can wipe off the cart handles.  I mean what the hell?!  The irony is that our bodies have billions of microbes living on and inside of us, and without these microbes, we’d die. Continue Reading →

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American Flag Lapel Pins – political bullshit

I Don't Understand American Flag Lapel PinsAs far as I can gather, if you want to be a politician today you need three main things: public speaking skills, lots of money, and an American Flag lapel pin. Somewhere along the line, the American Flag lapel pin has become a necessity for any politician looking to get elected today.

Not wearing a lapel pin is viewed by many as un-American and pure blasphemy since patriotism somehow has become intertwined with religious fervor. Look at what happened Continue Reading →

27. September 2013 by admin
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Phillip’s head and Flathead screwdrivers

I Don't Understand the difference between Flat & Phillips head screwdriversEver need to screw or unscrew something (not that chubby girl you met at last call last night) and when you look for a screwdriver all that you can find is the wrong type? With all of the choices and decisions a person has to make why do they have to go and complicate things by having more than one type of screwdriver – namely, Phillip’s head and Flathead screwdrivers?

So first, a little history. Screws of the fastening variety have been around since the 1500’s. The first flat-bladed bit was fashioned in 1744 with the first handheld screwdriver being invented in the 1800’s. Eventually more and more types of screw heads were created to fulfill different needs such as being able to handle greater amounts of torque while fastening and unfastening screws. The Phillip’s head was one of these varieties that was invented by Henry Phillips in the 1930’s. At this time Continue Reading →

25. September 2013 by admin
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Eleven and Twelve, dozens, & twelve packs

I Don't Understand Eleven & Twelve

Why aren’t eleven and twelve called oneteen and twoteen (Why isn’t Ovaltine called Roundtine)? Every other number greater than ten is a combination of some sort. Twenty-one, twenty-two, ninety-eight, one hundred and one – all of these follow the same convention by using the “ten’s” word (ie. twenty, thirty, ninety, etc.) in front of the “one’s” word. So for the “tens” series every number uses the “-teen” suffix – thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, etc except eleven and twelve. What’s so special about eleven and twelve?

There isn’t really a concrete answer but more of a progression of reasons. At the heart of the matter, it is believed that eleven and twelve are derived from words meaning “one-left” and “two-left”. The old Germanic languages that they are derived from could only count to ten forcing them to come up with “hacks” for anything above ten. For example, Continue Reading →

25. September 2013 by admin
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Ketchup – the white trash condiment

I Don't Understand KetchupA condiment is supposed to compliment not mask the taste of food. Ketchup is a condiment that completely masks the taste of pretty much any food that it is placed on. What’s the point in having food if you can’t even taste it?

Ketchup’s origins are as bizarre as its use. Originally, in the 1690s in China it was a mixture of pickled fish and spices. It was called “koe-chiap” or “ke-chiap” in Amoy dialect which means “the brine of pickled fish”. Eventually it made its way down to the Malaysian peninsula where British explorers discovered it and adapted the name to ketchup.

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24. September 2013 by admin
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Affirmative Action – applying for a job? what color are you?

I Don't Understand Affirmative ActionTaken strictly at face value this is a racist and sexist policy since it declares that an opening in a university or company must go to the minority applicant when the applicants are equally qualified. No other factors are taken into account other than something that is genetically decided for the person.

Despite being overtly discriminatory, I’ll admit that the intent behind affirmative action is good. It was created to try to offset centuries of discrimination against women and minorities in the US leading to the economic inequality that exists to this day. Continue Reading →

19. September 2013 by admin
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High Heels – objectification of women

I Don't Understand High HeelsI will never understand something that makes the wearer look clownish as they try not to fall over because they are walking on mini stilts.  The fact that high heals are “shoes,” a category of fashion whose primary reason for existence is to protect peoples’ feet and facilitate walking, makes high heels even more baffling.

Now, some may say that high heels were never meant for walking but instead to make the wearer look more feminine – the arched heel helping to firm up and highlight the legs and butt.  Because of this association with femininity as well as providing the wearer with a significant increase in height, they are often associated with sophistication and power as in the workplace as well as less desirably – prostitution. Continue Reading →

18. September 2013 by admin
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